Doctor, Don’t worry. I know I am going to die. I didn’t want to come here but they brought me here. Please don’t worry about me, look at my hair, they are gone. I am so old but you are so young. I have learnt a lot from life, if you don’t mind I will tell you some of them before I die.

At the age of 4, I use to think the world was about me. When I turned 14, I wanted to rule the world. I thought I would be the greatest man that ever lived. When I was 21, I wanted to be the richest man, when I was 25, I wanted to find love, when I was 40, I wanted to be helpful to everyone. Now that I am here, I want to die. You see, at certain times, I wanted so many things at the same time.

Most importantly, I wanted to be happy. I thought the best way to be happy was to listen to everyone.

When I wanted to enter the University, I wanted to study Zoology but everyone said I should study Engineering, So I listened to them. I had no one to pay my fees, so I worked part-time to pay my fees. In my third year, I couldn’t cope with my studies, I had to dropout of school, When I dropped, the same people who spoke me into studying engineering,  told me to my face "You should have studied Zoology."

When I turned 28, everyone said I should marry, that I needed a wife. 

So I listened to them, I got Married. 6 years into the marriage, I caught my wife sleeping with my neighbour. I asked her why she did such a shameful thing and in reply, she slapped me. I was angry and didn’t say anything. 

The next day I returned from work to find an empty house, as she had run away with my children, now I am dying a lonely man.
At 40, I landed a 10 million dollar contract deal. My name was in the news. The next day, all my friend and family were at my house, everyone had a serious problem. Within the space of one month, I had spent all the money on them with promises that they would pay back. I could not complete the contract because they refused to return the money as promised. So I was sent to jail for 6 years. I served my jail sentence and regained my freedom. When I came out, everyone was gone and they were nowhere to be found.

Now it is clear to me that there was one mistake I made throughout all this time. Let me tell you about it.

I refused to listen to myself. I Ignored my own self and listened to others. Now that I am here the only person that is with me is myself.
You see, it is very good to listen to others. It is very wise also, to seek advice from others, but it is very dangerous to ignore your own self. 

It is very very dangerous to refuse to pay attention to your heart.

When you get home this night, Sit down, take a glass of water. Close your eyes or open it if you want, then talk to yourself. Reason with yourself, you can even walk down the road alone and as you walk begin to meditate within yourself.

Know that the only person that can overrule yourself is God, not the sons nor the daughters of men.

Beginning from today, when you are confused about anything in your life, do pray to God first. When you are faced with any situation, call on God first. When you are fed up with your business or love relationship, job, marriage, family or even your spiritual life, the first thing to do is pray about these problems to God. 

Don't take it as a point of duty to run to people for advice, because they can mistakenly or deliberately mislead you with bad advice or wrong counselling.



I haven’t eaten in two days and I have 10 bucks for a hotel in Denver so I can’t help buy the beer.

This was in the mid 70’s. I was hitch-hiking from West Texas to Denver. I wanted to go skiing in Aspen. Was on a two lane road in North Texas and had been there for about two hours, trying to get a ride. There wasn’t much traffic.

An old Chevy Malibu pulled over. It had five Hispanic or American Indian looking guys in it. They asked where I was going. I said Denver. Something didn’t seem right about them but I wasn’t sure what.

I had 300 dollars cash in my wallet but I was young and pretty sure I was invincible so we stuck my backpack in the trunk. I got in the middle in the front and we went down the road North toward Denver.

We got talking. I told them I was on my way back to Wisconsin to the farm where I grew up. That I was coming from my sister’s place in Midland Texas. That I hadn’t eaten since yesterday and that I had 10 bucks for a skid row hotel in Denver. I told them I had a friend in Denver who was expecting me to call him when I got there. He was going to lend me the money to get a bus ticket back to Wisconsin. Part of that was true, most of it not.

I had long hair and a colorful bandanna at the time. Have been told I look like an Indian. That even helped me get rides from time to time. Asked if they had picked me up because of that. They said no. I asked if they were Indian or Hispanic. Turned out they were a mix of both. I said that I had a tiny bit of Indian blood. Grandpa on my Mother’s side was French Canadian and there was some Eastern Woodland Indian in there somewhere. Didn’t say it but I was becoming at least a little bit like them in their eyes. At least I hoped that anyway.

We went down the road. After a while we came to a liquor store. Pulled in and one of them gets out and goes in and buys a six pack. Comes back out and everybody gets one. I say I shouldn’t get one because there is no way I can pay for it. No trouble at all, they say, go ahead. So I do. We roll down the road drinking the beers. This happens a time or two. Everybody has at least two beers in them. Conversation tends to loosen up a bit with a few beers.

More miles, more beers. More conversation. I asked them why leave Texas? They said they had robbed a guy in Big Spring Texas, taken him out into the desert there, robbed him, stabbed him, stripped him naked and left him. Said they got 200 bucks off him. They said he wasn’t dead when they left him but they knew it would be much better if they were far away when he came to and got some help. I didn’t really believe them at the time.

They said they were on their way to Denver to ‘roll queers’. I didn’t know what that was so they told me. It means to rob homosexual men. They told me how to do it. One of them was little and really good looking. He would go into a gay bar and get picked up by someone. The other guys would be waiting outside in their car. The good looking little guy and the gay guy come out and get into the gay guy’s car and drive off. As soon as they get into a quiet area, the little guy pulls an air pistol that looks like a 45 and says he changed his mind. Gets the gay guy to pull over. When that happens, the friends behind come up, rob the gay guy, beat him up, steal whatever is worthwhile from his car and leave him. They said that Denver was a very good place for this sort of things because the cops hated gays there.

We stopped just over the Texas border to take a piss. They got into the trunk and got out a shotgun and a bloody knife with a ten inch blade. Cleaned the blade off in the sand by the side of the road.

By now I was pretty glad I had come up with that original story on the spur of the moment.

I said that I had to take a shit so went behind some oil tanks to do it. Took my money out of my wallet and stuck it in my shoe. All except 10 bucks. I was very tempted to take off across the prairie. Just leave them with my bag and run. I decided against it because there was absolutely nowhere to run. Just prairie. No fences, no ditches, no place to hide, nothing. All they would have to do would be drive up beside me while I was running away and blow me away with the shotgun.

So back into the car we went and on down the road. More beers, more conversation. We stopped at the next liquor store and the guy in the front passenger seat went in to get the beers. He seemed to be second in command. It was his turn to buy beer. The driver was a bit older than the others and was the boss. Told me that the guy who went in for the beers had been the reason they picked me up. He had wanted to rob me and leave me for dead, just like the guy in Big Spring. The driver said he had decided not to do it though. Said he kind of liked me and I only had 10 bucks anyway.

The guy came back with the beers, passed them around and down the road we went.

We got to Denver well after dark. They dropped me off in front of a skid-row hotel. A few flakes of snow were falling. I stood there swaying a bit drunkenly for a while watching the snow fall through the street lights. Then went inside and went to bed.
Got up the next morning and hitch-hiked to Aspen to go skiing, but that is another story.



First, I want to say that I’m not saying that sexual crimes shouldn’t be taken seriously; sexual crimes should be punished to the full extent of the law.

Now that that’s out of the way…

This has happened to one of my friends; I will use other names to protect their privacy.

During my sophomore year in college, I met a person (let’s call him “Jim”) who was known around college due to having a high net worth. Jim was an athlete and overall a regular person.

One day, Jim decided to go out to one our school’s events and met “Jenna,” another athlete from another university. After the event ended, Jim decided to go out to go party with Jenna and, as often happens in college, he took her to his dorm to hook up. He then sent me and my friends a picture of them in bed, but with clothes (which you could tell was totally consensual, as Jenna was looking straight at the camera).

A few weeks later and Jim got a knock on his door. That was when everything went downhill.

The people knocking on his door were two campus police officers informing him that he had 72 hours to leave his dorm with his belongings and that he would not be permitted to return.

He then found out that he was being accused of sexual assault. By whom? You guessed it: Jenna.

He then had to pack his stuff, go back home and explain the situation to his parents. His parents and friends (including me) were heartbroken. Even though he said he wasn’t guilty, his reputation was already in the floor with various articles already going in the city.

Time passed and court date arrived…

First of all, Jenna took Jim to civil court instead of a criminal court, demanding a big sum of money for “damages.” Jenna had her coach and friends as witnesses.

During the trial, Jenna changed her take on what happened during that night over and over again, that they bought about 7 bottles of Budweisers at the event. She stated that Jim was absolutely drunk after the event and forced her to have unprotected sex with him and give him fellatio after the party.

It was then that the weight of evidence completely refuted her claims. It was presented to the judge that the college pub does not sell Budweiser, but only beer from local breweries. Not only that, but Jim was Muslim and could not drink any alcohol. They presented his credit card statement and the school security cameras confirmed that he had not bought any type of alcohol with him to the event.

The case was dismissed and Jim was found “not guilty”

The result? He lost two semesters, thousands of dollars in legal fees, and most importantly, his reputation was irrevocably damaged.

All because Jenna wanted to sue Jim for money. Jim had to leave the country and start a new journey overseas.

While there are thousands of victims who have to go through the horrific sexual assaults and are afraid to speak up, someone like Jenna decided to make false claims for monetary gain and completely destroyed someone’s life.

The saddest part? This situation happens more often than you may think with companies terminating male staff, colleges kicking out students, and even worse, judges putting males in prison even though they are innocent.
Would the same actions be taken if a female was accused of rape by a male?
A True Life case is the story of  Brian Banks, a 5-star football prospect with a whole future ahead of him who got wrongly convicted for 10 years.



I was 21 years old at the time. I have Asperger's Syndrome, so my interests and behavior have always been a tad… eccentric. Not creepy, just unusual. Back then, I'd been repeatedly instructed (by parents, doctors, therapists) to never disclose my condition to anyone, so I kept it to myself and everyone thought I was just weird and clumsy. Anyway, I signed up onto one of those online dating sites. Usually, dates were cordial and most guys were nice, but there was hardly ever any chemistry with any of them, so they'd bring me back home, give me a kiss on the cheek or shake my hand, and I'd never hear from them again. No hard feelings. But there was this one guy…

He came to my house to pick me up for our date. I lived with my parents, who follow rather conservative traditions. They insisted on meeting anyone I was going out with, and this guy was no exception. I had told him that they're like this, and he seemed okay with it. But as he was helping me into his van, he grumbled something about “who does that anymore?”

As soon as we got in his van and were underway, he criticized what I was wearing. He said I was “overdressed.” The thing is, I was dressed normally (a white long-sleeved blouse paired with black culottes and a gold and red sash), my hair was done normally (two buns with ponytails), and a tiny bit of makeup. I was a little annoyed, but decided to laugh it off with a joke and said, “sorry, my evening gown is at the dry cleaners"! He was not amused.

So we went out to eat first. He chose a rather expensive restaurant and insisted on paying my way. I had no problem with this, though I asked him if any item on the menu was off limits. He said no, that whatever I wanted was fine. So I ordered the salmon, which wasn't exactly cheap, but it was the only thing on the menu I could tolerate. (I didn't talk about my dietary needs. No one wants to hear about that on a date!) We talked about hobbies and jobs, past histories and interests. We laughed and joked. Things were starting to go good and I was glad I'd overlooked the bad first impression. Then I told him that one of my favorite activities is doing research at the library. He told me that sounded very boring. I felt that was rude of him, but kept that to myself, figuring it was just another fluke.

Then we headed out to the movie theater. He suggested a horror movie. Back then, I didn't have much of a tolerance for scary things. I was more into animated musicals, a la Disney. I told him this, but added that since he was paying, it was his decision. I gave him the heads up that I tend to scream when I'm scared and that I have been known to grab the person sitting next to me. He told me that's why he chose a scary movie — he liked to snuggle and hoped I would cling to him. Well, I did scream in the movie. Several times. At one point, I wrapped my arms around him. He laughed, removed my hands from him and placed them in my lap. Then he moved over a seat and told me to stay. I was very confused.

The ride back home was quiet. Whenever I said anything, he just said, “shh!” So I took the hint. His driving had become increasingly erratic and he was speeding. He was beginning to scare me. He pulled up in front of my house, put the car in park and sat there, staring straight ahead, fingers drumming on the steering wheel. I sat there, waiting for him to get out, help me out of the van and see me safely to the front door. After an awkward moment, I started to thank him for a lovely evening (it hadn't been, but I wanted to be polite and signal to him that I really was going to need help) but he said “shh!” and waved his hand at me. I had never been in this situation before and I froze, trying to figure out what was going on and worrying about how I was going to get out of his van. (It was a high enough step that I needed some assistance getting in and out. I have extremely poor gross motor coordination, along with low muscle tone and am prone to tripping over my own feet.) He cleared his throat, like he was about to speak, so I leaned in to hear what he had to say. Instead of saying anything, he took out a cigarette and lit it up*, then made a croaking sound. It sounded like a belch, so I said, “excuse me?” He then screamed “GET! OUT! NOW!”

I nodded, opened the door and did my best to climb out. As I was getting out, I tried to salvage some decorum, so I started to say, “well, I had a really nice ti--" and before I could get both feet firmly on the ground, he floored the accelerator, and ran over my foot. I'm lucky my hand didn't get caught in the door. I tripped and fell in the gutter. I stayed there for a good five minutes trying to figure out what the hell just happened.

So that's my date from hell. I still wonder what on earth was wrong with that guy or if I did anything wrong. Even if I did do something wrong, I don't believe I deserved to be run over and left laying in a gutter. Some day, I hope I come across his account of our date from hell. It would be interesting to see things from his side.

*On my online dating profile, I included that smoking is a deal breaker. If I had known he smoked, I would not have gone out with him. I'm severely allergic to cigarette smoke, especially in enclosed spaces. He didn't know that last part. He just thought I didn't like it. The way he acted, though, he probably would have started smoking sooner if he knew it could have potentially fatal results.

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