A great and wise Japanese master received a university professor who came to enquire about wisdom

As it is the tradition of the Japanese to welcome guests with tea, the master served the professor tea.

He poured his visitor's cup full, and then kept on pouring.

The professor watched the overflow until he could no longer restrain himself. He then exclaimed, it is overfull no more tea will go into the cup.

Like this cup, the master said, you are full of your own opinions and speculations. How can I show you wisdom? unless you first empty your cup.




In 1944, a famous Hollywood actress decided to commit suicide. she covered her bed with flowers, washed herself, put on her favorite dress, and then slowly washed down an expensive cognac with a pre-prepared bunch of pills and lay down waiting for a tragic but beautiful end. But all went according to script in a few minutes there was a natural reaction to the poisoning, and she started uncontrollably vomiting. Soon her beautiful dress and the floor were filled with vomit. As expected of any educated lady, she retires to the bathroom to popudrit nose. There slips on his own vomit and hit his head on the push of the Egyptian onyx, receiving a severe injury. She still was able to kneel down in front of the toilet, but then lost consciousness and eventually choked on their own vomit. They found her covered in vomit, stinking like hell ,plus her head in the toilet.

In fact, whatever you poison yourself with, you won't die in a second. And you will see far not in such a beautiful the form of, as you imagined. Because the body will relax, control functions to be lost: to relax the sphincter will result in the urine, will cal still have time to place a vomiting or start frothing at the mouth. And all this will not be aesthetically pleasing. And to calculate all the nuances of the impact of a certain poison on the unique body of a particular person so as to achieve the desired result, not always be able to specialists and doctors. Even a carefully calculated dose can give unpredictable results.


Hangers are not cute, either. And Yes death, if it comes, it is not like it are. First, you will be overtaken by quite a long agony, accompanied by convulsions, the sphincters of the anus and urethra will be unclenched, and all the contents of the intestine and bladder will rush under your hanging corpse, leaving you literally in shit. Under the corpse – a puddle, on the corpse-corpse spots, especially on the legs, where the blood flows, ligature mark-on the neck, and all this is still with the smell of indescribable Ambre with the main note of shit.

Jump out the window

After the jump, you will either turn into juicy minced meat or become a vegetable for the rest of your days. There's no guarantee.

Yummy will begin in flight, when you fall will hit the balconies, walls, trees, and other obstacles, leaving them not only teeth, but even parts of the body. When landing in all directions can fly and the remaining teeth, and fragments of the body, and ugly toothless mouth filled with blood.

The bones that break the strike, will come out on display to others, and the brain as the most water rich part of the body first, may fly, and then be spread over a very large distance. The internal organs and their contents will fall into the dust and dirt along with the brains, which will undoubtedly give the surrounding landscape of romance.

As is clear from all of the above is to entrust the murder ITSELF - so-so idea. But what to do if you are still determined to leave this mortal world? Don't worry, just start packing your bags and apply for a visa. After all, good Swiss doctors are ready to take care of you for only 4000 euros!

The fact is that in Switzerland there is euthanasia, in which anyone can commit suicide.

Your last tour will start with your arrival in Zurich, where you will be offered as a bonus to visit some of the attractions. Next, you will need to be examined by a doctor and sign a few papers. Well, that's all, you will be handed a glass of potent sleeping pills, and what will happen next is not important. One thing you can know for sure is you will fall asleep, fall asleep forever. In addition, after your departure, the same company will organize you a gorgeous funeral.


If someone with no brains argues with you - Tell them you are right. It will save you a lot of time and headache.

Charm with attention mixed with purposeful flattery works wonder.

Fake it till you make it - If you act comfortable, you will be comfortable. If you act confident, you will be perceived as one.

When you speak to someone, listen never to answer. Ask more questions and listen while looking intently at them. They will talk more.

Make your eyes smaller at times when talking to people. They will feel you are paying more attention to them.

If you want to give the biggest compliment to someone - validate what they seek validation for.

If you want someone to feel good especially a woman - always say ‘um humm’ and ‘hmm okay’, nod your head.

Don't be normal. Normal people are overrated. Be crazy.

Our body is made up of five elements : earth, water, fire, air and space. Make sure you focus on “earth”. In simple words, be down to earth.

Don't read motivational quotes just for the sake of making them your whatsapp and facebook status.

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If you want someone to believe your lie, add an embarrassing detail about yourself. For example: “Instead of saying, “No I wasn’t at Jimson James’ house. I was with Randy the whole time.” Try saying, “No I haven’t been to Jimsons’ in a while. I clogged his toilet so I don’t think his parents want me over there for a while… so me and Randy hung out.”

If a persons feet is pointed towards you while talking, he/she is interested in you.

If a person is uncomfortable with you, his/her feet will point towards the nearest exit.

The fame trick. Note: don’t use this unless you have genuinely heard about this person. “I’ve heard good things about you.” Say it with a grin.


Racism, classicism, sexism, etc.

Things my kids have said or have told me:

“… because women are slower than men” My daughter told me that by observation, in today's world that would be called sexist, from my point of view a real observation is not sexist. I had to tell her “there are some women that are really fast” and she answered “yes, but there are men faster than they”.
“… she is my new friend” We went to a public beach, there was a girl that was obviously poor. They played like equals the whole day. My daughter was jealous because “why she gets to play on the beach every single day and I don’t?”
My son loves to point out people’s characteristics: “you are bald”, “she is ugly”, “your belly is really big”, “mom gets really angry all the time”, “mom sleeps every afternoon”. I really don’t know why we are not allowed to mention people characteristics… unless they are considered “good” ones. E.g.: you can say “he is tall”, but you are not allowed to say “she is short”. Kids don’t see that as a bad thing, we see those as been bad. Kids (or at least my kids) see those as any other characteristic.
They never ever mention other people skin color, not even my descriptive kid. White, brown, black, they are just people. The only time my kid mentioned skin color was when he got tanned. He took his swim trunks and screamed “oh no... I’m turning green!!”. My daughter also started crying, once because she got tanned wearing a wet suit… so she got tanned “mittens” and last time because her bottom was white (she didn’t mind been brown, the issue was not been even)
We don’t get that not saying some things (he is missing a leg, the chubby girl, etc ) when the context is important, or mentioning things when the context is not important “The white guy shared his pone with the black kid” is the real bad thing to do.


I was living with two housemates in a three bedroom apartment at that time. 2 male (including me) and 1 female.. We were attending the same uni at that time.. Then I noticed something wrong with the male housemate right after the first night. I was sleeping peacefully only to found out around 12 pm or 1 am he was inside my bedroom standing near the wall (Yep the apartment does not have a door lock, and it is pretty normal there). I shocked and asked him what the f was he doing inside my room. He said he heard something from my room and decided to check. I was too sleepy and tired at that time cause we have just moved there. So I didn't care about that. One week passed without any problem (that's what I thought). Until I started to realise someone keeps entering my room without me knowing. I am a very private person and didn't think that anyone in a postgraduate level will do something unethical such as stealing or anything. And I specifically told all my housemates that one must ask for permission before entering other’s bedroom. But just for reassurance, I assembled something behind the door, so if somebody open the door the ’thing’ will fall down and if they try to assemble it again, they will assemble it differently.

And right after I put that ’trap’, it showed different assembly EVERY DAY. It happens almost everytime I: Take a shower, go the uni, go to the gym downstair. I did suspect my male housemate, because of several reasons which I think didn't make any sense. I.e: I bought a fish oil supplement without anyone knowing and put it inside my room, the next day he asked my female housemate (who is a doctor) what is the benefit of fish oil; I bought a cloth hanger without anyone knowing, then the next day he bought the exact same cloth hanger; these are just 2 examples from many weird things that happened.

I had no choice but to put the hidden cam on my bedroom.. It was early in the morning around 8 am. I put the camera on and took a shower. I didn't expect anything at that time. But then I saw the footage showing my male housemate entering my room like a ”thief”, walking carefully not to knock things off, browsing to my DIRTY CLOTHES basket, then went out again carefully tiptoe-ing. My heart beat very fast at that time. I immediately chat my female housemate and sent the footage. She was scared too. So I immediately consulted the problem with different peoples. People will think that I should confront him directly and ask what the f is going on. But I thought that was a bad idea, cause we have just moved and we still got a minimum 5 months there. It will be a trouble if he poisoned us or do harm to keep our mouth shut if we confront him directly. So me and my female housemate went to buy the door lock and put it temporarily (We need to take it off at the end of the rent and make sure it does not damage the door).

For the record, my female housemate does not feel scared that much anymore, cause she realised that maybe my male housemate only ”interested” in me.

It is not that long after that, when I took a shower every morning, I often saw the silhouette of someone from under the toilet door (there is like a 2 cm gap). Until one time I tried to take a good look of what the silhouette is. Then I saw a black thing, which I suspect is a phone of my male friend. I immediately get dressed and open the door. Then I saw him running back into his room and pretend that he was doing something else (His room is just beside the bathroom btw). I started to feel sick and just wanted to punch him in the face. But then again, a crazy people can do crazy stuff. So it was better for me to just stay calm and put a carpet on the door gap. The funny thing is that the next day he also put the carpet on the door gap and said to me that he put it there because he was quite inconvenient because of the 2 cm gap (I was like: what the heck?)

After that, he started to realise something wrong after we put the door lock. We didn't talk much too. Then he started to feel depressed. After about 1 month, he burst out and demand an answer for both me and my female housemate why we kept avoiding him. Then I told him everything (except the camera thing, cause we don't think it is a good idea to show him it while we are still living together). I asked him what the heck was he doing inside my room. But he kept on making lies such as ”I just want to know how you put the furniture together”. My female friend can't help but to laugh due to the silly answer..

I did consult it with some people, including the legal officer (I don't know the title). They did give me an option to report the thing to the police, but the evidence is weak cause he didn't steal anything. All in all, we moved out after that incident and didn't speak at all after that.