Two men were out on the ocean in a boat. One of them began drilling a hole in the bottom of the boat. Unable to contain his shock, the other man exclaimed 'what are you doing? stop drilling!. And the first man replied: It's alright. I'm only drilling on my side."











1. Never allow anyone to bully you in a group. Even if you are weak, stand

up for your rights and your respect.

2. One of the most powerful ways to get a person to like, and most times

agree with you more, is to try touching their shoulder while in between a


3. When someone insults you online or offline, always smile. The reason

they are doing so is because they know 100% that you are better than them.

Its their insecurity that makes them say whatever they are saying.

4. If someone gets super angry, look down on the ground and say “wait,

wait, wait” this will distract and disconnect their thought pattern and

then give you a few seconds to decide what is next.

5. Texted the wrong person? Put your phone on airplane mode and when the

message fails to deliver you can delete it.

6. When you are done with an essay, copy and paste it to Google Translate

and listen to it. It is the easiest way to find mistakes.

7. As a travelers, the first thing that came to your head was booking.com

or Skyscanner.com to find a cheap flight or hotel deals but What you don't

know is that these tools earn a huge commission from your booking that's

why you can get a cheaper deal compared to Skyscanner or google flight. I

highly recommend you use Arihla.com which is a small travel tool where you

can find a cheaper deal than Google Flight or Skyscanner (try to compare

it yourself and you will thanks me later ).

8. If you type any flight number on Google, you can see exactly where the

plane is.

9. To skip a Youtube ad, just change ‘youtube' to ‘youtubeskip' on the url

of any video.

I hope you find these useful..


I was literally kicked out because he had to ask me for a plate of food. Up until that night, I loved my dad. But his feelings for me had changed over the years. He saw me as weak, and gave the impression he wanted to see me weaker now that he no longer had proper use of his arms or legs. “I can afford better than you.” he used to say for no reason. He knew I was saving money, but he didn’t know what for. He didn’t know I was smart enough to see that this day was coming. His pride would sever our relationship forever.

I was making his plate. No big deal. The reason I didn’t make him one right off the bat was because he often didn’t eat. On days we made him food without him asking, it’d sit on a tray next to his bed for hours, sometimes even days. I figured it’d be better to just wait for him to ask. He slowly “walked” around the kitchen, using his feet to pull him in his wheelchair. Basically, he was trying to pick a fight. I gave him his favorite pieces with all the sides. When he picks a fight, he starts the argument then asks why YOU’RE the one who’s mad. I saw him think for a moment. I was obviously getting tired of the attitude, but I didn’t want it to escalate. Since I was “weak”, he didn’t think he was losing much. Then he said the words…

“Pack your shit and get out of my house before I call the police!”

I did. Truth was, my folks made it obvious I wasn’t welcome. Thing was, though, they needed me. We’d needed each other…but I wasn’t wanted. With him sick and so heavy due to spending his days eating candy and junk, only me and my brother were able to lift him up like if he needed a shower. I used to make runs to the store for him. I used to turn off all the lights my evil mom would leave on. He thought he could do without me now. I start to pack, first putting my clothes in the backseat, followed by the things I’d be upset to lose if they for some reason threw it away. I was livid, but it was time. He knew I had some money saved up. He didn’t know why. What would I do with money, he thought? I would leave when the time came. That’s what I did with the $1,000 I had tucked away.

Honestly, I think he was waiting for me to beg him not to kick me out. I did no such thing. I had a game plan, even if it wasn’t the best thought out. He started trying to talk to me. It was too late. His cruelty over the years had gone too far. I was his son, I’d loved him. I wasn’t using him for money. Though he spent much on me, I (even still) have the intention of paying him back every dollar when I find a way to become successful. “Fuck you!” I kept saying. He mistook me never arguing with him as weakness on my part. Now, I had no filter. I wouldn’t hit him or destroy anything, but I’d make my rage known. There was only one photo of him in the house, a photo I’d taken. I ripped it in half and threw it down his medical toilet. He was no longer the greatest man I knew.

I kept packing. Maybe he realized his mistake. It didn’t matter. I was done. Tv, game systems, dvd’s, precious art and letters I’d made, a statue of St. Michael I’d received from a previous friend for Christmas one year…all in my car. Every word he said, “fuck you” was my reply. I’d gotten all that could fit in my car, and I let out my final weapon, so to speak. He didn’t know that I’d debated on doing this, but I had this ready for when the cruelty was too much.

“I disown you, I disown momma, and I disown G (my baby sister, the cruelest of the 3). Remember this night! Tell everyone this was the night you lost a son, you son of a bitch!” were my last words before I stormed out. “God bless you.” was his only reply. He didn’t believe in God, not really. He just had nothing left. I think that was when he knew how serious I was. I was no longer gonna be there to be his emotional punching bag.

I got in my car, said goodbye to some of those close to me (including my other sister, the older of the two girls). Her and my little brother were the only one’s who treated me like a human being. Those were the only two I gave Christmas presents to a couple months before. I had told them one of two things was gonna happen, but either way, I was gone. She knew. I gave her a long hug, told her I loved her, and jetted.

I saw one of my best friends. He wanted me to live with him, help him with bills. But I had to leave. I knew I would not survive in Florida. I had to go to where the movies were, in Atlanta. That was the only possibility I would have to be successful. I gave him a hug (he’s like a brother to me), and saddened that he wouldn’t risk coming with me without a definite game plan, I left. I was actually planning to head to bed when I was kicked out, so I was tired. I bought two monsters at the gas station, then made my way.

Met a woman walking in the dark. Charli, a name I loved, the most beautiful name for a girl. 6 letters, my favorite number! It’s what I want to name my daughter when I have one. I made sure she got home safe, my very last deed in the state of Florida. Once I did, I looked at my GPS on the phone and drove towards Atlanta.

The old me would’ve been crying. I should’ve been heartbroken. I should’ve stayed on the side of the road, replaying that night over and over in my head. The part of me yearning for security wanted to move in with my friend, stay at my job (that, despite me liking it, didn’t pay very well), and continue living as best as I could with the life I’d made there. No. This was the plan for a long, long time. I had to go to Atlanta, no matter what the cost. Even if I had to sleep in my car, even if I was homeless again (technically, I already was). Even if everyone thought I was absolutely insane for dropping everything and leaving, I had to go. Like Steve Harvey famously said, I had to jump. I knew I’d crash on the way down, but my parachute would somehow open.

I smiled the entire way there. I didn’t feel sad, I felt liberated. This was the part of me no one knew existed. I did have the balls to go out and make a life for myself. I no longer had to stay and make sure my “family” didn’t implode through their own negativity and bullshit. All there was were dark streets. Burned myself smoking a cigar, but it was fine. I still smiled. Had no idea where to go once I got there. Didn’t matter. All I knew was my only chance for a successful life would be somewhere in Atlanta. Every filmmaking friend I had wanted to go there more than anything. I got my wish. Maybe one day, I’d meet Tyler Perry, or Steve Harvey. Maybe I’d find the one thing I’d yearned for since I was 14 years old: a place where I truly belonged.

After hours of dark streets, suddenly, so many lights. In a way, it was like Heaven. It rained, but I didn’t care. The sky cried the tears I no longer had. I’d cried them all away a year ago. Streets were busy, but that no longer scared me. I’d made it. All I had to do now was find a Wal-Mart parking lot to spend the night in. I’d make a plan when I woke up.

6 months later, living an hour south, working as a security guard in the film department of this wonderful college. Part of me still hurts. I have 4 holes in my heart I can never fix. Went through Heaven and Hell, lost everything and then some, but guess what?

I’m still here! I made it! Now, I just have to spread my wings and learn how to fly!


1. When I was 14, I was told by a taxi driver, who used to live and work

in Thailand to travel and emigrate. Was great advise as it was accompanied

by great studies that interested me as a kid.

2. My dad told me to get specialized in something useful, that would still

be useful in a recession.

3. I was told to learn communication and sales, even if I wasn't planning

on working in communication and sales, as most people struggle in this


4. To learn foreign languages.

5. Coming from a medical family, don't smoke and be unhealthy, but have a


6. Don’t get married until late 20s or early 30s.

7. Most of the best advise I have gotten has actually been from books.

Especially personal finance books. Friends and family care so much but

useless they are an expert in that area, their advise isn't always


8. Everybody has an ego and everybody wants to feel important


I'll admit that this was one of the stupidest things I've ever done, and believe me, I carried the consequences. Feel free to tell me how immoral my actions were, but just keep in mind that anything you have to say has already passed through my own mind at least a 100 times.

My ex and I had broken up only 3 weeks earlier, and I was still a feeling a little vulnerable, though I was dealing with it. I was pushing myself to move on, to get over the sadness; mostly because deep within me, I didn't believe that he deserved my grief.

Now, my ex was really irresponsible with his possessions. His car looked like a piece of shit from all the accidents and little bumps. A few months before our breakup, he had actually driven over his own cellphone and shattered it. To this day, I still don't understand how someone manages to do that.

We always have spare phones in our family, just in case, and I had asked my mom if we could lend my boyfriend one of our crappy little phones that was just lying around. She said fine, he can use it for now - obviously it was just supposed to be a short term thing, until he could get a new phone for himself. I had hinted at this when I had given him the phone… but I guess he must have forgotten.

So, months later, after we had broken up, he was still using it, and hadn't mentioned giving it back. We needed that phone for my little brother who was about to start high school, and my mother was gently reminding me to try and get it back from him (I think she was panicking about getting it back at all, now that he was officially out of my life).

I had no choice. I sent him a message, explaining that we urgently need the phone for my brother, and that I would appreciate it if I could come by his house and get it sometime in the week.

Yeah, he said, that's fine, he'll come drop it off, immediately. And so he did. 25 minutes later and he was at my door, handing over the phone, and left, barely even managing to mumble a goodbye.

Even though I was completely thrown off by his rudeness, a thought immediately sprung into my head as I was holding his old phone in my hands: what if he didn't wipe it?

I couldn't help myself. With my heart beating in my throat, I turned it on, unlocked it (there was no pass code), and saw that no, he hadn't wiped it. Everything was still there. His photos, his chats, his browser history. Everything.

You probably see where this is going. I still feel a deep regret for what I did next, I know it was very wrong, but if I could go back in time, I probably would have done the same thing all over again.

First, I turned off his mobile data so he wouldn't appear online on his chat apps. Then, obviously, I read his most recent chats. What I read broke my heart all over again. The conversations went something like this:

Him : “I'm going to be without a phone for who knows long, just cause Lily needs her phone RIGHT NOW. She won't even give me time to get a new one.”

Friend: “man, what a bitch. She and her mom are so selfish.”

There were conversations with about three different people that went like this, insulting me and my family.

Next up, I searched my own name, to see what else he was saying about me. I found chats between him and girls I had never heard of before, thanking them for “their support” and the “fun times”, and, of course, more bitching about me. Lots of winky faces.

Well, by this time I was feeling like dirt. All my heartbreak and grief started all over again. The pure idiocy of my decision had fully hit me. I just did what I had been doing those 3 previous weeks to deal with unbearable sadness: I went to bed.

Next morning, I still felt like dirt, naturally. You can't sleep off seeing something like that. But I hadn't learned my lesson. Another thought struck me: people's search histories are such bare reflections of their lives. What had he been searching since our breakup?

Terrible, terrible decision, of course. Not to mention totally immoral and an inexcusable invasion of privacy. But once again, I simply couldn't stop myself.

There were normal things, like what is the capital of Spain and what is the weather tomorrow, and then there were not-so-normal things, like genital herpes symptoms, std causes, and most effective contraceptives.

My ex and I hadn't been very sexually active while we were together (it was complicated), so I know these searches did not relate to me at all. Either these searches were on behalf of someone else, or he was having a blast as a single man.

Seeing these things left me broken and distraught for days. And I had brought it on myself.

In those weeks following our breakup I hadn't spoken single bad word against my ex, so it was awful to see the kind of person he and his friends were behind my back, and how quickly people can turn against someone to appease themselves. I never for a second thought that he could say such things about me or carry on in this manner.

Still, I'm not sure if it's better that I found out about it, or if I should have simply respected his privacy and lived in ignorant bliss. This definitely opened my eyes to his true nature, something I had been blind to for 3 years.

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